Photography is a means of creative expression for me.  The world is my playground and my camera the artistic tool that allows me to examine and explore the infinite beauty, both grand and intimate in scale.

The experience deepens your appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us both at home and far away.  Travel has always been an important aspect of my life and my photography.  From the grass "rivers" of The Everglades to the glorious hoo doos of Bryce Canyon, my camera and I have been companions in a great adventure.  I come alive with a camera in my hands.  

My photography is the crystallization of my experiences and aims to capture the fleeting moments of life.  It is a way to express my thoughts and feelings in a visual and sometimes tactile way.

Some of my work involves Encaustic Painting over photographs.  Encaustic painting uses wax to paint with instead of other media such as acrylic or oil paint.

The images you will see sometimes blur the line between painting and photography.  I have always enjoyed experimentation and pushing the boundaries of photography for creative purposes to express an idea.

Finally, as you look at my images, my desire is that you will feel some of the emotions and connection to the subject as I did.